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Back to work? Be prepared for road hassles

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Many people, as full economic activities resume under Level 2 ”lockdown” today, will be returning to their office today – or perhaps not, given how nice it is to work from home!

Nevertheless, after as long as five months away from office desk or factory workbench, much less time has been spent behind the wheel in ”rush hour” traffic with all its stress.

The MD of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says it will take a few days to regain your ”muscle memory” at the wheel.

“Drivers’ bodies remember the motions required to drive, from periodically glancing in the rear-view mirror to seamlessly changing the gears without putting much thought into it,” Herbert says. ”Which means that, while you re-establish your reactions, they might be a little slow.

”If an animal runs into the road you will brake or swerve less quickly than before the Chinese ‘flu dropped by. On a positive note, it returns quickly but you should be extra cautious until you again feel at ease behind the wheel.”


Give fellow-returnees some slack. “Whether you’ve been driving for some months or are only just returning extra space. As you and others regain reaction times mistakes will be more – leave a little extra space on the road, curb your temper.

“Drivers should also be prepared to travel an unfamiliar route thanks to riots and other anti-social action.”

Finally, don’t let your awareness and preparedness to handle crime drop. “MasterDrive has been reminding drivers that crime remains a problem on the roads and is only expected to worsen in the coming months.


”As such, avoid complacency and carelessness: employ the skills necessary to protect yourself from suspicious lurkers. Whether you’ve been on the road for some time or are returning to your normal driving schedule it might take some time to get back into it. ”

Be careful out there…!

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