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SA to join Nissan/Mitsubishi EV production plan

TOKYO, Japan – Mitsubishi Motors is to invest in the production of electric Kei-cars at its Mizushima plant in Japan with an investment equivalent to about R1.3-billion.

MMC will work with Nissan to establish assembly and inspection equipment for the drive battery, the expansion of stamping, welding and painting assembly facilities, and line expansion for assembly of EV platforms.

Nic Campbell, general manager of Mitsubishi Motors SA, told The Corner: “The shift towards electric mobility is gaining momentum as South Africa joins the global electric vehicle revolution.”

MMC, meanwhile, would continue its efforts to promote electric vehicles through the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance.

LOOKING TO THE FUTURE: SA automaker to join Japanese move to electric cars. Image: Supplie

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