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Drivers in a storm: Use your brain in the rain

LONDON, England – Storms can hit suddenly and unexpectedly so, as a reminder for future weather events, UK insurers Uswitch provided The Corner with essential safety advice for drivers who can’t avoid going out in foul weather.

Those who drive in bad weather could invalidate their insurance if their car is unknowingly damaged. For instance, driving through water and puddles could damage your brakes and engine and leave you with a hefty bill

Thunderstorms – common on the South African Highveld – and heavy rain can be hazardous. Not only do they decrease visibility but they can also damage your brakes and engine during and after driving.


This could not only cost you a lot of money in repairs but also increase your insurance premium if you are involved in an accident. Vehicle insurance expert Florence Codjoe suggested:

“With adverse weather – thunderstorms, extreme rain, flooding – it’s worth checking whether your insurance covers you.

“Driving through a flooded area can affect your brakes and obscure your forward vision which means your premium could be affected if you drive against weather warning advice and become involved in an accident.”


So, here’s how to stay ”on the safe side” if you have to drive in a storm…

#Check your brakes before and after driving
#Drive slowly through puddles
#Ensure your front and rear windshield wipers work
#Check your head- and tail-lights before setting off
#Watch out for pedestrians and cyclists
#Double the distance between you the vehicle ahead

Try to drive slowly through puddles (they could be hiding a pothole); avoid hard braking and, after clearing a deep puddle or surface water, test your brakes by applying gentle pressure – doing so will also dry the discs and pads.

Heavy rain is also likely to restrict your visibility. If your windshield wipers and headlights are damaged your insurance may not cover your claim. Wipers are cheap and, if you buy them from your local garage, will probably fit them free.


If you do happen to get caught in a storm, take it slow, not only for your safety but also for pedestrians and cyclists. At city speeds (and even slower) your vehicle will throw water over pavements, soaking pedestrians. You could be fined up to £5000 in the UK and get points on your licence for this.

The weather is often unpredictable so take an in-depth look at this article, too

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