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Towing (and reversing) a trailer made easy with Landy

PRETORIA, South Africa – Land Rover has removed some of the stress of reversing a trailer with the introduction of a ”towing assistance” feature for late-model Land and Range Rovers.

‘Advanced tow assist’ requires the driver to use a centre console-mounted rotary switch instead of the steering-wheel while using the pedals as normal.

NOT EASY. EVEN FOR A N EXPERT: Land Rover has made reversing a trailer – boat, caravan, garden rubbish – much easier thanks to a reversing program on the fascia. Image: Supplied

The ”intuitive” system, Land Rover told The Corner, puts coloured guidelines on the infotainment screen to predict the trailer’s path. ”This,” Land Rover asserts, ”enables the driver to steer with ease because the vehicle calculates the precise degree of counter-steering required to maintain trajectory.

”The system is more intuitive than using the steering-wheel. Tt steers the trailer along the desired path in one field of vision, so removing the requirement to check frequently three mirrors and to take over-the-shoulders glances while performing unnatural opposite-lock steering.”

The system can also alert the driver to a potential ”jackknifing”.

Trailer Stability Assist

This, standard on all Land and Range Rovers, monitors trailer movements and uses selective braking to help to correct potentially hazardous situations.

Watch a video of Advanced Tow Assist working on a Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Should TSA detect dangerous trailer sway it can help the driver to regain control by gradually reducing speed through lowering engine power and applying individual brake to reduce sway.

Trailer Lights Testing

Land and Range Rovers with an optional auto-deployable towball are equipped with a test for the trailer’s lights – no more walking around the rig to check they are on – tricky when trying to inspect brake lights.

Hitch Assist
Every Landy with a rear camera and factory-fitted towball – fixed or electrically deployable — has one of these. The infotainment screen will display a trajectory from tow ball to ball cup, so removing the need for human assistance or the driver having to get out to check progress.

Rear Height Assist

Landys with air suspension (Discovery, New Defender, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Velar) can raise or lower the vehicle’s tail to mate with the trailer cup – removing time-consuming physical winding up/down of the nosewheel.

Nose Load Measurement

Every modern Discovery and Defender has a trailer nose-load scale on its electronically deployable towball to detect dangerous overloading.

* Each of the above features has been designed to work with either Land Rover accessory or factory-fitted towballs. Some features are available only as factory fittings and are not automatically enabled with a Land Rover-approved accessory towball.

FINGERTIP CONTROL: Spin and win. Rotating the dial directs the trailer. Image: Supplied
REVERSE TOWING MADE EASY: Watch how you’re doing through a screen on the fascia. Image: Supplied

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