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Ferrari Roma: Lock yourself in a cell – or go digital

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Ferrari’s latest motoring masterpiece, the Roma V8 coupe, is being revealed in three of Africa’s southernmost cities though for the first time in a digital presentation and at the brand’s showrooms.

Image: Supplied

Which is tough for motoring hacks more comfortable with a car to actually drive. Not, to be honest, that Ferrari does much such on-the-road stuff here in South Africa even if the brand did win the Engine of the Year title four years running with the 462kW mill.

Which, Ferrari points out, make it the most powerful in its segment.

However, the Scuderia did point out in the release sent to The Corner: ”The latest coupé from Maranello has a timeless and refined design that has all the power and agility required to guarantee a unique driving experience.

”Its signature Italian styling is a contemporary re-interpretation of the carefree lifestyle of the 1950’s and ’60s in Rome, the city from which it takes its name.”

Image: Supplied

Ferrari’s chief operating officer Jan Ungerer added: “Considering local market conditions, we’ve opted to revolutionise engagement with potential customers by embracing the ever-evolving digital space.

A MyFerrari app was created specifically to provide clients with features and services directly from Maranello.

”The entire Ferrari universe will be at their fingertips.”


Ferrari engineers have developed some technological originals: how about a rear spoiler as part of the rear window ”to retain the car’s formal elegance when retracted but guarantee downforce by automatically deploying at high speeds”.

”Meticulous” attention was given to the exhaust note by removing the silencers and introducing bypass valves.

Image: Supplied

”The Ferrari Roma’s chassis,” Ferrari explains (digitally, of course!), ”benefits from modular technology developed by Ferrari for its new generation models. Shell and chassis were re-designed to meet weight reduction and production technologies.

”About 70% of its components are entirely new. The cars have the best weight/power ratio in their segment to deliver handling dynamics and responsiveness.”

The cabin has a ”cell” for each occupant, as the adjacent image clearly shows…

A CELL FOR EACH: Driver and passenger each have their own space. Image: Supplied

For the Ferrari Roma’s cabin, the Ferrari Styling Centre designers developed a new formal approach that involved the creation of two separate cells, one each for driver and passenger, in what Ferrari calls ”an evolution of the dual cockpit concept that embraces the entire cabin rather than just the dashboard”.

The new Ferrari key with “Comfort Access” function allows the driver to open the car by touching a button next to the new flush handle in the door.

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Lastly, Ferrari says, the diode headlights and (optional) Ferrari advanced driving assistance systems include adaptive cruise control (it matches the pace of the vehicle ahead) are said to make both day-to-day and longer journeys a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.


Engine: 3855cc V8 90° turbo capable of 456kW from 5750-7500rpm and 760Nm from 3000-5750rpm. Compression ratio 9.45:1

Performance: 0-100km/h 3.4sec, 0-200km/h 9.3sec, maximum speed 320km/h s
Dimensions: Length 4656mm, width 1974mm, height 1301mm. Wheelbase 2670mm

Boot capacity: 272 litres/ 345 litres depending on requirement

Fuel tank: 80 litres

Click here to view the Ferrari Roma in a 360° Virtual Experience

Image: Supplied

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