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2020 Nissan Patrol: Set to go, well, pretty much anywhere

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – The 2020 Nissan Patrol 4×4 superwagon has arrived in South Africa as, its maker says, ”an icon with enhancements of an even higher level of sophistication, comfort, and intelligence”.

”The new Patrol,” Nissan SA said, ”exhibits the best of what Nissan ‘Intelligent Mobility’ has to offer with enhanced luxury tech features and a striking new design. At the same time, the most desirable of the Patrol range yet retains its exceptional off-road ability and class-leading power.”

2020 NISSAN PATROL 4X4: Image: Supplied

Nissan’s flagship 4×4 line-up is said to be steeped in tradition and heritage as it closes in on the brand’s 2021 70th anniversary.

Kabelo Rabotho, Nissan SA’s marketing director, told The Corner in media release: “The new Patrol has been engineered with the latest intelligent mobility technology to give the drivers and his/her passengers a luxurious drive.

2020 NISSAN PATROL: Image: supplied;

”The Patrol is also one of our most cherished models given its now sophisticated technology and proud heritage. We’re confident it will give drivers and their passengers unrivalled luxury.”


Signature design changes include Nissan’s V-motion grille – though amended for sport vehicles. Along with the new boomerang-framed diode headlights, the revised grille is said to ”highlight the Patrol’s strong, angular, front”.

New tail-lights share the boomerang framing though integrated into a large,chromed, brand plate and rear turn indicators – added for the first time to a Nissan vehicle.

”Machine-cut 18” alloy wheel rims,” the automaker says, ”add a formidable presence, with the all-new C-signature diode lights.”

Nissan is promising ”a truly first-class travel experience” for all occupants thanks to a 13-speaker Bose sound system, a multi-screen DVD entertainment system, 20cm rear-seat viewing, independent wireless headphones and remote-enabled travel infotainment.

2020 NISSAN PATROL 4×4: Image: Nissan

The driver, hjowever, can focus on a 20cm colour info touchscreen, Bluetooth hands-free and audio streaming and aircon after entering with a clever key and firing up the engine with a push-button…

Diamond-stitched quilted leather upholstery is standard, as is the steering-wheel with hand-stitched leather. All aircon and powered lumbar support are available for the front seats.

NISSAN PATROL 4×4: Image: Nissan

”Significant reductions in noise and vibration have, Nissan says, ”brought a quieter, more pleasant, cabin ambiance. Improved cooling and airflow accelerated cooling for those desert jaunts.”

The Patrol has driving assistance tech that helps the pilot to see and sense more through a range of safety technology. ”It’s a more connected, more confident, way to drive in all conditions,” the automaker says.


Going anywhere is one thing but the new Patrol also has auto emergency braking supported by pedestrian recognition and collision warning for things outside the driver’s natural field of view.

This radar-based system does not only calculates the relative velocity and distance of a vehicle ahead, but also that of a vehicle travelling in front of the preceding one. Also included are cruise control and ”driver alert”, described as being able to analyse the driver’s steering behaviour to signal drowsiness or inattention.

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The Patrol is a big chunk of vehicle so anti-lock disc brakes and an all-wheels limited-slip differential are part of what Nissan calls ”a vehicle dynamic control system, which automatically prevents side-sliding on a slippery surface when changing lanes or negotiating a curve”.

NISSAN PATROL 4×4: Image: Nissan

Steering has engine-speed sensitive, power-assisted, rack-and-pinion steering.

The Nissan Patrol is known (and The Corner concurs after having driven many of them through years of experience in all conditions) for being one of the most capable, most sophisticated and advanced, wagons.


Perhaps The Corner will get to drive this one…?

The Patrol’s 5.6-litre V8 has the grunt to go anywhere: 298kW/560Nm of torque is quite a double punch.

”No matter how demanding the surface,” Nissan says, ”the Patrol will have maximum grip at all times, seamlessly transferring drive between wheels and axles – there are four electrically invoked driving modesl.

Despite the power, ride height and off-tar capability, Nissan says, ” passengers will enjoy a more comfortable ride thanks to improved suspension and vibration reduction.”


2020 Nissan Patrol 4×4 from R1 515 70.

NISSAN PATROL 4×4. Image: Nissan

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