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Next Peugeot 208 on the starting blocks in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – The first vehicles assembled since a major industrial transformation at Peugeot’s El Palomar plant here have been rolling off the production lines.

The cars are pioneering in South America the the most modern of Groupe PSA’s global platforms for cars that were recently launched in Europe and won a “Car of the Year 2020″ award as ”a cutting-edge model among compact hatches”.

NEW FOR PEUGEOT: The 208 that is being assembled in Argentina. Image: Peugeot

The new Peugeot 208, the automaker says, is intended to become the brand’s global vehicle whose launch in Argentina marks the debut of a CMP (Common Modular Platform) dedicated to the production of all compact city cars, entry level and mid-range sedans and compact SUVs.

Some of the 208’s equipment has been praised by the global motoring media and voted Car of the Year 2020 in Europe thanks in part to its latest-gen technology, among which is an i-Cockpit that offers a 3D head-up display and a number of driving aids said to be ”unprecedented” among compact hatches.

Patrice Lucas, Groupe PSA Latin America president and a board member told The Corner in a media release: ”The new 208 is the result of intense work by our teams together
with the auto parts sector and our social partners.

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”This launch starts an era for Groupe PSA in Latin America, reaffirming our commitment to that country, to the social partners and to our employees. We are continuing to
invest to offer customers a range of increasingly modern and technology. For us, this commitment is always linked to the future.”


Abouit 600 employees have been working together in Latin America and Europe through past years to develop this project, with more than 8000 hours dedicated to training production teams – plus 620,000 working hours.

The cars went through 1.5-million km of test driving in countries around the world – among them Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Austria, Spain, France and Sweden – from 2016 and a $320-million investment in El Palomar.

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