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Tesla the Goliath in US battery-car sales: 82% market share

DATA PRESENTED by Buy Shares indicates that Tesla accounted for 82% of all-electric vehicles sold in the United States during the first half of 2020 – a total of 87 398 units.

This, news media report, dwarfs all other battery cars with 71 375 sales with the Tesla Model 3 moving the most – 38 314.

The research indicates that 10 popular battery cars were sold with some from traditional automakers. Germany’s BMW sold the fewest 251 BMW i3 models.


The research also checked the most valuable automakers by market capitalisation as of August 19, 2020. From the data, Tesla leads with a market cap of $350.08-billion. Toyota is second with $189.29bn. America’s General Motors had the least among the surveyed companies – $41.69-billion.

2020 TESLA MODEL 3: Market domination in US. Image: Tesla

READ MORE about the Tesla Model 3, with images.

The research also acknowledges the role of Tesla’s unique products towards the impressive market cap. According to the report: “Tesla cars have contributed to its high market capitalisation. Its business model in recent years is said to have been attractive to investors.

”The company has transformed from regularly missing delivery targets and production milestones to over-delivering on various fronts.”

Tesla’s market dominance is, however, said to be challenged by traditional automakers which are setting up battery-car outlets.

The full story, statistics, graphs and information can be found here .

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