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Maserati MC20: Trident-sharpened and carbon fibre to its core

MODENA, Italy – Maserati’s MC20, a corporately-proclaimed ‘masterpiece’ from the Italian sport car brand, is scheduled for launch in South Africa in early 2021 and for sure the wealthy and the tenderpreneurs for which South Africa is becoming world-famous will be interested in such a brilliant status symbol.

It is, quite simply, a stunningly beautiful automobile.

So, here you go, with some rather delicious images of the car that, Maserati says, ”will open a new era for the Trident brand”. And has spawned some serious claims from the factory in northern Italy such as returning Maserati to the pantheon of Supercars, boosted by its claimed 463kW V6 Maserati engine said to be capable of 325km/h.

COMING TO SA: Maserati’s MC20 work of automotive art. Image: Maserati

Starting with a 2.9sec time to 100km/h then settling down, according to the Italian brand, ”excellent driveability, comfort and safety with a cabin where efficiency combines with the luxury and exclusiveness integral to all Maseratis”.

The MC20 is particularly light – less than 1500kg – and so claiming ”best-in-class” weight/power ratio ”without sacrificing comfort”. The chassis is carbon fibre/composites which, the automaker says, ”means less weight and more styling freedom: carbon fibre permits shapes not possible with press-formed metal”.

The MC20’s shell, Maserati explains, divides the car in two: upper, where styling counts, and lower for technical stuff. Bonnet and side vents are intended to be “natural” and almost invisible from some angles; the usual aerodynamic add-ons are absent – reduced merely to a rear spoiler.

COMING TO SA IN 2021: Maserati’s MC20 work of automotive art modelled almost entirely of carbon fibre. Image: MAserati

Sill ducts immediately ahead of the rear wheels direct air through the engine compartment with, Maserati says, little resistance.

All of which contributes to the MC20’s 325km/h top speed and ability to reach 200km/h in less than nine seconds.

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The carbon fibre monocoque was a collaboration between Maserati and Dallara and should, the Corner was told, morph in coming year into coupé, convertible and battery versions. The no-roof convertible demands torsional rigidity, the battery buggy more strength and enhanced protection to support the battery pack.

Image: Maserati

The Nettuno V6, three-litre, turbo engine is said to be all new and patented because, Maserati says, ”is absolutely new and protected by an international patent because it transfers to a road car technology previously only found in Formula 1”.

The engine is 100% Modena and claims to be the most powerful six in production thanks to, Maserati says, being ”the most advanced technology of any current road-car engine”. It can produce 157kW/litre. This makes it currently the best-in-class six-cylinder engine in terms of specific power output.

Image: Maserati

The eight-speed auto transmission, we’re told, has six power and two overdrive speeds to meet emissions requirements.

Still to come (some test drivers are so darn lucky!) will be on race tracks and on the winding roads of Italy’s Apennine mountains above Modena – long the proving grounds for the MC20’s forebears.

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