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Kia SA recall for 2005-09 Sorento and Sedona models

KIA MOTORS SA is recalling 2175 Sorento and Carnival/Sedona units sold in South Africa but assembled in Korea from 2005-2009 to examine their anti-lock brakes and stability control systems.

The Corner was told of a possibility that oil or water may have entered the power supply to the ABS module and in ”some instances” this may cause an electrical short-circuit on the ABS/ESC module.

This, Kia says, could affect the vehicle’s braking. An inspection will be required and a new unit might be fitted.


Owners of such vehicles should, if the ABS warning light comes on before the inspection is done, immediately park the vehicle and contact their nearest Kia dealer. (

Kia SA’s Suraiya Naidoo told The Corner: “Most of the reports about this problem have occurred in the USA and Canada – none have been recorded in South Africa. However, Kia SA is taking every precaution to inspect all potentially affected vehicles.”

The recall, Kia says, applies to 1288 Sorentos assembled in Korea between December 14 2005 and December 17 2009 and 887 Carnival/Sedona units assembled in Korea between June 10 2005 and December 14 2009.

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Kia SA says every effort will be made to contact owners via SMS, e-mail, or telephone but any owner can also do a VIN (vehicle identity number) check through or contact Kia on (011) 776-8800.

  • Any Kia dealer will implement the recall at no charge to the vehicle owner.

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