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Fuel prices in SA could make month-end modest fall

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Fuel price cuts could be on the way for South Africa by end-September 2020, according to the Automobile Association and going on unaudited mid-month fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund.

The AA commented: “The rand has made a remarkable rally against the US dollar with the exchange rate strengthening from R17.30 on August 21 to R16.70 on August 31.

”Since September 1 the rand has traded in a commendably tight range.”


And as the currency strengthened against the dollar international oil prices were falling with the landed price of refined fuels ”slipping by more than 10% so far in September.”

The AA suggested petrol could be cheaper by as much as R0.36c and diesel falling by R0.88 and illuminating paraffin by R0.83c.

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