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Did you choose right? SA’s most searched-for hatchbacks

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – VW’s Polo is South Africa’s current (Aug/Sept 2020) most-searched-for hatchback and the brand is dominating that segment of the motor market.

And most folk in South Africa are seeking a hatch that costs less than R250 000.

A search on AutoTrader during a given month is always good for insight into car-buying patterns across the country. Through August 2020 the VW Polo hatchback in the sub-R250 000 bracket had three VW models – the Golf was second, Polo Vivo fourth.

George Mienie, AutoTrader’s CEO, told The Corner the sub-R250 000 sector was one of the most popular price ranges in the hatch market during Lockdown Level 2. “The bracket constituted 72,3% of price-related searches for hatchbacks during August.”


The 2020 AutoTrader Car Industry Report said hatches were the body-type with the lowest selling price and kilos combination and the most sold body-type in the country. In the past 12 months they accounted for 31% of the total used cars sold in South Africa.

Domination by the Polo in the segment was, Mienie said, ”no surprise”.

“According to the 2020 AutoTrader Car Industry Report, the Polo was the second most-sold used car in South Africa in the past year, contributing 4,7% of all cars sold at an average selling price of R205 238, average use 58 650km, average model year 2016.”


The Golf – in second place for most-searched hatches in August under R250 000, was not a surprise listing. “One model in the Golf range, the iconic GTI, also performed well with top  place in the AutoTrader Car Industry Report for variant searches. It was responsible for a substantial 1.5-million searches.”

‘Variant level’ search, introduced in May 2019, is unique to AutoTrader and a first in South Africa.

Most searched-for hatchbacks in the R250k price bracket

Rank / model
1 Volkswagen Polo
2 Volkswagen Golf
3 Kia RIo
4 Volkswagen Polo Vivo
5 Ford Fiesta
6 Ford Focus
7 BMW 1 Series
8 Hyundai i20
9 Audi A3
10 Renault Clio 

Source: August 2020, AutoTrader

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