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Ferrari Portofino M evo adds that fancy performance switch

2020 evolution of the Prancing Horse GT 2+ Spider unveiled
Portofino M ‘bursts with fresh-air  innovation’
New technical content includes eight-speed gearbox

MARANELLO, Italy – The Ferrari Portofino M, an evolution of the Prancing Horse brand’s 2+ GT spider Portofino, has been revealed in a way radically new to the brand’s 70+-year history.

Entirely online…

While the show was on screen the build-up included sending a series of newsletters to clients through recent weeks, at the end of which motoring journalists were given access to a platform containing videos illustrating the concept, the restyling, the main technical content.

Image: Ferrari

Here’s some of the information from it…

Significantly, Ferrari says, the Portofino M is the first car to be presented post-Covid – ”a re-starting point for a pursuit of innovation while respecting its heritage, passion, and constant search for perfection”.


All values, Ferrari says were reflected in the new Portofino M with the ‘M’ in its moniker standing for ‘Modificata’ – cars evolutionised to raise their performance.

Most notable, the automaker says, might be a redesigned power train, a new eight-speed gearbox, and a five-position Manettino that includes Race mode – ”a first for a Maranello GT spider”.

”The Portofino M,” Ferrari says, ”guarantees an unprecedented combination of GT performance, driving pleasure, agility, and exceptional versatility in everyday driving.”

The Portofino M’s 3855cc engine – from the V8 turbo family voted ‘International Engine of the Year’ four times in a row – was optimised to unleash 460kW at 7500rpm – 15kW more than the Portofino.

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”It also,” Ferrari says, ”has a completely redesigned eight-speed gearbox to replace the seven-speed – the first eight in an open-top Ferrari and based on a dual-clutch oil-bath architecture with a 20% smaller clutch module and 35% greater torque delivery.”

Image: Ferrari

However the most significant innovation, Ferrari says, ”is most certainly the introduction of the five-position Manettino”. It’s a first for a Prancing Horse GT spider and intended to further enhance the Portofino’s handling and traction with a Race mode ”for fun behind the wheel”.

The revised design of the front of the car – its bumpers in particular – are sportier. ”Inside and out,” Ferrari says, ”there’s a sense of harmony – sometimes sharper and then softer and more flowing.”

Image: Ferrari

The cars are also said to deliver superior handling but not at the expense of comfort – the latter offering ventilated and heatable seats and a retractble hard top that, Ferrari says, ”makes it an authentic coupé with its top closed and a genuine spider when open.”

Size also mattered to Ferrari: ”The Portofino M’s compact dimensions make it ideal for all occasions. In fact, its unparalleled versatility and on-board comfort will turn every trip into a voyage of (re)discovery.”

Image: Ferrari


Type: V8 – 90° turbo
Total displacement: 3855cc
Bore and stroke: 86.5mm x 82mm
Max. power output*: 456kW from 5750-7500rpm
Max. torque: 760Nm from 3000-5750rpm

Length: 4594mm
Width:  1938mm (2020mm with external mirrors)
Height: 1318mm
Wheelbase: 2670mm
Dry weight**: 1545kg

Max. speed: 320km/h
0-100 km/h: 3.45sec
0-200 km/h: 9.8sec

Under homologation
* With 98 RON petrol
**With lightweight optional content

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