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Nissan Z Proto: Club members get special sighting

ROSSLYN, South Africa – Nissan South Africa has shown the next version of its Z-series sport cars, the 400Z prototype, to The Corner and we confess the model is our editor’s most favourite car of 40 years in the trade.

The latest design continues, Nissan says, to offer sport-car lovers high-performance excitement from a car that, at its heart, is a true sport car

COMING FROM NISSAN: The next Z-cars.

Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan’s senior vice-president for global design, told The Corner in a media release that the car’s ‘look and feel’ ”were inspired by a bold sense of homage with a futuristic feeling that has travelled through the decadesl”.


Kabelo Rabotho, Nissan SA’s marketing director, added: ”Though the 400Z is a global prototype we finally see Nissan’s ambition to pioneer and refine the S30 to represent past references of the Z.

“Nissan has delivered a sport car that carries the spirit of the brand.”

Speaking to Nissan GT-R club members, Nissan’s public relations manager Veralda Schmidt drew attention to the 400Z Proto as ”being praised by true petrolheads who reminisced on the characteristics of the Z-badge”.

NISSAN 400Z: Note the boomarang headlights. It’s the next step from the star of the Nissan brand, the 350Z. Image: Supplied

Club23 Garage is a ‘home’ for Z and GT-R owners where the bond between driver and car is refreshed through fine-tuning delivered by Janus Janse van Rensburg and Jacques van Onsellen, co-founders of the business.

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Van Rensburg commented: “We love to share the spirit of Z. In particular we look forward to seeing the 400Z take to South African roads. Club23 Garage has retro-fitted work stations and racing gear to attract even the newest of drivers who appreciate high performance and technical advice.”

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Schmidt again: “It’s too early to reveal when the 400Z will be available in South Africa but with the 400Z Nissan reminds that passion for the future is born out of a momentous past with which customers emotionally connect.”

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