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Binder the Younger takes 2020 Barcelona Moto3

COULD TODAY be the day that South Africa’s biking brothers Darryn and Brad Binder each win their class in the international MotoGP races – today’s meeting at Catalunya in Spain.

Younger of the two, Darryn (KTM), today took the win from the Moto3 race, pipping Tony Arbolilno (Honda) and Dennis Foggia (Honda) with each crossing the line within a hundredth of a second of each other.

Now let’s see how older brother Brad can do in MotoGP…

Read the full race report here…

2020 Catalunya Moto3 race result

1 Darryn Binder (KTM) 38min32.507

2 Tony Arbolino (Honda) 38m32.610

3 Dennis Foggia (Honda) 38min32.664

4 Sergio Garcia (Honda) 38min32.739

5 Alonso Lopez (Husqvarna) 38min32.893

6 Romano FenatiI (Husqvarna) 38min33.943

7 Jaume Masia (Honda)38min33.725

8 Celestino Vietti VR46(KTM)38m  33.800

Full result of the race here.

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