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Tesla electric Model S Plaid whistles to fastest yet at Laguna Seca

LAGUNA SECA, California – The driver behind the wheel of Tesla’s new Model S tri-motor Plaid prototype has released a video of a record lap at Laguna Seca by Tesla’s Model S Plaid, the new top performance version of the Model S.

Tesla. according to American motor scribe Fred Lambert’s podcast Electrek, used the vehicle as an example of what its new battery cell-enabled power source can do in terms of high performance. Here are the results:

  • Quickest 0-100km/h and quarter-mile acceleration of any production car.
  • Acceleration from 0-100km/h – two seconds.
  • Quarter mile: Nine seconds.
  • Tri-Motor all-wheel drive.

Each is said to match what Tesla originally announced for its new Roadster but at half the price and bigger.

Sebastian Vittel (not the F1 driver) has released a video of the record lap with the latest Tesla Model S Plaid prototype driven by Johannes van Overbeek at Laguna Seca in California.

Back in 2019 Tesla completed a 1min36.55lap with the prototype Model S Plaid. This month (Sept 2020) but in September 2020 Johannes van Overbeek set 1min30.3. The standard Tesla (only mod a race) was faster than a McLaren P1 driven by Randy Pobst and almost as fast as $1-million supercars such as a Porsche’s 918 Spyder.

WATCH THE Tesla video here

Tesla’s South African CEO Elon Musk believes Tesla can shave three seconds off the current car’s time with further refinement to make the Model S Plaid the world’s fastest production car.

How much? In America, the Tesla Model S Plaid will will start at $140 000 (R2 404 000). Deliveries in the US from 2021.

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