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Times are tough – but think twice before cancelling your car’s security

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – BankservAfrica’s latest ‘Take-Home Pay’ index points out that take-home pay in South Africa decreased by almost 35% in July against that of July 2019. Worse, many individuals were not paid at all.

The reason: the Covid lockdown.

The result: Perhaps thousands of South African households are under financial pressure. So, cut down or cut out expenses such as entertainment, takeaways, unused memberships, or subscriptions.

However, according to vehicle recovery company Tracker, cutting insurance and financial policies – even your vehicle tracking service – could have severe financial consequences. Without a tracker there is only a five to 10% chance your vehicle will be recovered.


On the other hand, tracking service-protected vehicles have a better than 80% chance of recovery and than means you won’t be paying monthly finance instalments for something you no longer own.

”With crime back to pre-lockdown levels,”Tracker points out, ”there is a strong chance your car could be hijacked or stolen. If things don’t work in your favour you could be paying for a car you no longer own, in addition to the inconvenience that comes with its loss.”

Modern vehicle tracking using GPS/GSM technology means owners can personally monitor/track a vehicle with a smartphone. Inclusive services mean an owner can share a journey or location with a friend or family member who can follow your route, know where you are, and believe you to be safe.


Premium services can add proactive alerts: vehicle movement notification, warning of risk events such as battery disconnection or zone management to warn that you’re entering a crime hot-spot.

Other benefits can include impact detection that immediately alerts the control centre if – and where – a client’s collision has not only occurred but also its severity. Some packages include a ”help me” button for roadside or medical assistance.

Tracker SA’s Michael du Preez told The Corner: “Today’s tracking services can not only protect a vehicle but also clients. The more vehicles we track, the safer our country becomes.

”Rather than cancelling your vehicle tracking service during these tough times consider saving on other expenses: car pooling, perhaps? Or moving house/flat to better suit your budget. Remember, cheapest does not always equal best.”

Stay safe!

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