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Truckers to the rescue: Toys for the tots roll in

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – The annual Truckers Charity Convoy, with more than 40 long-haul trucks and heavy-duty rescue vehicles escorted by dozens of motorcycles, rolled into the city’s Killarney International Raceway on October 4.

They were loaded with soft toys to be donated to the Cancer Association of South Africa’s campaign for toys for children with cancer.

Two impressive columns lined up on the back straight for temperature screening, hand-sanitising, and a health and safety questionnaire before parking on the oval behind the track’s clubhouse.

BULGING BAKKIE: Toys for hospitals treating children with cancer overflowed from the charity bakkie. Image: Dave Abfrahams
TRUCKERS ON TRACK: Killarney racetrack got a convoy for the kids and loaded a bakkie full of toys. Image: Dave Abrahams

Killarney’s first major charity event since lockdown took effect in March then became a celebration of family as parents chatted and relaxed in the shade while their children enjoyed the spring sunshine and the dedicated Kiddies Korner play area.

Level 1 health and safety protocols were strictly enforced, as were social distancing and the wearing of face masks – but no mask could hide the grins on the faces of the truckers and their children, and the Cansa volunteers, as they filled a one-ton bakkie to overflowing with soft toys which will go to brighten hospital wards and surgeries countrywide where children with cancer are treated.

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