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Audi’s global brand campaign visualises brand strategy.

‘Future is an Attitude’ is Audi’s intended approach for campaigns and Henrik Wenders (Brand Audi)) told The Corner: “By refining our brand strategy we give a contemporary definition to ‘Vorsprung’ and make ourselves ready for the future.’

INGOLSTADT/JOHANNESBURG – “Refining our brand strategy will give a contemporary definition to ‘Vorsprung’ and prepare Audi for the future, a new automotive era, and for our customers.”

That’s Henrik Wenders’ (senior vice-president for Brand Audi) forecast for the company and the brand.

The purposes? To improve people’s lives through technology, contribute to society, shape the future of premium mobility, and to create fascinating experiences.

HENRIK WENDERS. Image: Supplied

With its global campaign, titled “Future is an Attitude”, Audi bellieves it will show the way to an electric, digitalised and emotional outlook. In addition to current Audi production models such as the e-tron Sportback, the Audi RSQ8, and Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron concept, are also on view as part of global campaign communications.

THE NEW AUDI A4. Image: Audi

They represent, Audi says, the innovative power of the brand. Besides new and upcoming Audi products, protagonists are also Audi employees such shead of design Marc Lichte, who are the authentic embodiment of Audi’s attitude.

Audi will, under the communicative approach “Future is an Attitude”, unite global marketing activities while taking account of cultural and country-specific requirements. Vorsprung durch Technik will always remain as the brand claim but the integration of “Future is an Attitude” will form part of the its communication execution.


The new Audi brand campaign “Future is an Attitude” will form a core part of the new Audi South Africa A4 communication launch during October 2020.

”The new Audi A4, through its significant heritage and current product improvement,” the SA operation told The Corner, ”remains a significant model within our model range. It will include Audi Connect technology and be more progressive and forward-thinking than ever as an excellent protagonist and the embodiment of Audi’s future-focused brand campaign.”

The campaign, the automaker adds, will be conducted through all channels of communication from TV to digital platforms, out-of-home / billboards, and print. On the new website, all campaign content will be gathered, and further brand stories and information will be offered to users.

The re-worked Audi corporate identity will be visible for the first time in the framework of the new global brand campaign. Its presentation. Audi said, ”will be guided by the brand’s progressive premium image.

”The reduced but clear style of the Four Rings will be evident in a new, exciting, and visual language.”

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