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Covid scourge: Haval dealers ante-up to help children


Haval Motor SA says it is investing in the future not only with cutting-edge products but also research and development

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Haval Motors SA and its seven South African dealers have donated R80 000 to Child Welfare SA to improve the lives and future of less fortunate youngsters.

The business will also aid the organisation into the future.

Haval understands donations to Child Welfare have been severely reduced as Covid is forcast to reduced South Africa’s GDP by at least 10.3% through 2020 and fell by 51% in the second quarter of 2020 – ”the most disastrous economic downturn in recent history”.

A media release from Haval told The Corner: ”Donations received by CWSA were reduced significantly. Haval SA and seven dealers across South Africa responded by donating much-needed funds for sporting goods and school supplies.”

BIG BOOST: Haval Motors SA has pledged to assist children across South Africa as Covid cuts welfare financial assistance. Image: Supplied

CWSA has 1200 employees and 3500 volunteers and represents 164 child welfare subsidiaries across the country covering 206 communities in nine provinces. The whole organisation serves two-million orphans and children with disabilities.

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Jay Jay Botes, Haval SA’s national sales manager, told The Corner: “Children are the future of our country. We’ve long been involved in public welfare but will now focus on this cause.”

In the thank you letter issued by CWSA’s acting executive director Dr Benny Obayi, CWSA’s national fund-raising coordinator Samantha Atrash said: “GWM’s donations will guarantee the regular operation of CWSA and provide orphans with continued protection and opportunities to change their lives.”

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