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Wyndham reverses, says ‘Sorry!’ to MSA and lawyers

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – The directors of Motorsport SA have accepted a public apology from former motorsport competitor Steve Wyndham for ”untrue and libellous” comments made against MSA and individuals involved in the sport.

Wyndham attracted attention on social media near the end of 2019 and in early 2020 for what was later judged as ”posting derogatory, defamatory, untrue and inaccurate information” about MSA, its directors, former directors and employees.

A media release from MSA told The Corner the allegations included comments referring to a legal firm, Hector North, and that MSA had tried unsuccessfully to engage with Wyndham.


MSA approached the Johannesburg High Court and was granted an interim order in favour of MSA and other applicants on January 21 2020. ”Wyndham,” MSA said, ”had ignored the court order and continued to post ‘defamatory, untruthful, and reckless statements.”

MSA took Wyndham to court ”for contempt of court” and on July 24, 2020, Judge Wright ordered Wyndham to comply with the January order and fined him R100 000, suspended for two years provided he complied with the January 21 court order.

Wyndham was also ordered to pay MSA’s court costs.


”Nevertheless,” MSA told The Corner, ”even after the second court ruling in favour of MSA, continued to post reckless and negative remarks on social media about MSA and individuals involved with the organisation.”
Further approaches by MSA to Wyndham for settlement were not met but after a threat of the fine being executed along with a possible prison term Wyndham issued this apology:

“I, Steven Charles Wyndham, hereby apologise for publishing comments about Hektor Patrick North, Motorsport SA, Christian Anton Roux, Adrian Sholtz, Vikesh Goborrhan Maharaj and Melanie Jane Spurr on social media (Facebook).”

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