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Accidents and their causes: Safety in focus

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – MasterDrive and Accident Specialists have entered into a co-operation agreement that will see greater synergy between the two organisations that will positively contribute to keeping road safety in focus.

Craig Proctor-Parker, MD of Accident Specialists, has meaningful insight as to what may have caused an accident and how interventions – read training – could perhaps have prevented the accident.

Proctor-Parker’s expertise and insight has allowed MasterDrive to ”fine tune” aspects of their training so that participants can walk away from a training session with the realisation that behaviour needs to change.


MasterDrive believes it is vital that drivers change their behavior (for which 95% of crashes are attributed) when driving on South Africa’s roads and engaging with other motorists.

Eugene Herbert, CEO of Masterdrive, readily admits that we have a major problem on our roads and that the key component – behaviour – has to change. “With the collaboration of Accident Specialists,” he said, ”training now can speak more accurately to the ‘science’ behind road accidents and so achieve even better results.”

The two companies believe they have a keen understanding of what is needed to reduce road deaths.

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Herbert adds: ”There is a collective benefit but clients from each organisation can now access the best of both worlds in formulating policy and, more significantly, work toward reducing the cost of crashes… they can be as much as 30% more than that of vehicle repairs.”

The companies share premises in Kloof, kwaZulu-Natal, to deliver on their commitment and collaboration,

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