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Digi Cars: Is this the post-Covid future of car sales?

Sandton dealer Digi Cars launches Livestore

Omnichannel’ approach car-buying processes

Automotive retail changing – dealers must adapt

SANDTON, South Africa – Recent circumstances have boosted online sales platforms and created a digital revolution in searching for and ordering the delivery of goods.

Whether it’s groceries, clothing, homewares or even movie rentals, people are gravitating to more convenient shopping methods. Multi-billion-dollar e-commerce juggernaut Amazon proves the point, and the closure of hundreds of American shopping malls comes as no coincidence.

It’s even extended, in a big way, to automobiles… and Sandton-based used-vehicle dealer Digi Cars has created a digital buying experience for customers with hundreds of vehicles whose tyres can be kicked and test-drives can be arranged but has added a browsing and “test drive” at private homes.


Livestoreplatform adds detail to conventional dealers’ websites – a live, one-on-one, digital walkaround and actual test drive, on the road, with a sales executive. The Livestore journey is fully interactive and customers can ask any questions as the video tour and drive happen.


Contact will be made within 20 minutes provided a request is made during business hours otherwise a response will come the following morning. After customers advise on a suitable date and time they will be sent a unique link via email or Whatsapp to initiate the experience with a simple click.

Digi Cars COO Ayesha Patel told The Corner in a media release: “Drastic changes are afoot. If you’re in automotive retail and not looking at adaptation, your days are numbered. Many South African business models have been slow to react to the changing world but we’ve seen the warning signs abroad.

“Shopping for and buying a car is a very traditional and long-standing practice which presents a unique set of challenges for dealers. Buyers generally want to inspect the expensive goods to which they’re committing and, unlike sites such as Amazon or Takealot, a set of photos simply won’t cut it.”


All stock, The Corner was told, is listed online with detailed information. As with major online shopping sites, preferred vehicles can be added to a comparison basket for even greater detail.

A financial calculator is another click away. From there customers can fast-track finance applications through all four major banks.

NEW IN SANDTON – the digital auto dealer. Image: Supplied

Digi Cars’ team is on call to guide the process by phone, email or Whatsapp, and its finance and insurance managers will advise how to get the best value before signing a contract.

The Digi Cars ”customer experience” team will explain the delivery process, exchange policy, and Consumer Protection Act details before collection from the dealer – or be delivered to your door.

”It’s time car dealers caught up.”

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