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Which is the most-driven vehicle in South Africa?

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Many road users have been clocking far fewer kilometres through 2020 as ”lockdown” limited movement and working from home became more popular.

So, AutoTrader checked its data and found some vehicles are still lots of kilometres.

Data pertaining to cars listed on AutoTrader during October 2020 , showed the most-travelled vehicles were all commercials or people- carriers.

AutoTrader is the largest digital automotive marketplace in South Africa so is qualified to give insight into vehicle-buying patterns across SA and analysis shows the top 10 most-driven vehicles were 2019-registered units (that were listed in October 2020).


People all over the world drove less this year… a recent survey by Hyundai in the UK1, for instance, showed that while the average UK car was driven an average of 938km per month it dropped to 145km/month under lockdown.

Whatever, AutoTrader’s CEO George Mienie said some vehicles were still being driven a great deal: “Some vans, taxis, bakkies and people-carriers are clocking up meaningful kilometres.

”Vans are, of course, understandable. All over the world lockdown has translated into an increase in online shopping and a consequent growth in demand for delivery vehicles.”

Deloitte’s 2020 Digital Consumer Trends survey showed about 40% of consumers did more shopping online.

Taxi traffic is also understandable: some stores stayed open throughout lockdown and their employees commuted by taxi so it’s not surprising that the perennially popular Toyota HiAce appears on the list.


A number of other bakkies also feature: again, no surprise! Such workhorses are tools to generate profits. However, what is particularly interesting about the Top 10 most-driven is that the two most popular new bakkies in the land – Hilux and Ford Ranger (the latter is also South Africa’s most popular used bakkie) – don’t make an appearance.

So, while they might rule the popularity rankings, they’re not necessarily driven as much as some other bakkies.

Here are the Top 10 most-driven vehicles with a 2019 registration:

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