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Going autonomous: Sweden building world’s longest indoor test-track

STOKHOLM, Sweden – A Swedish company called AstaZero is building what it says is the world’s longest indoor test-track for self-driving vehicles which, when finished, ”will consolidate the company’s position as a world-unique test environment”.

The track will be Earth’s first full-scale, independent, test and demonstration environment for future traffic safety.

AstaZero says that, globally, more than 1.2-million people die in traffic accidents and says the answer is automated driving: ”We will have a unique facility with various traffic environments that make possible advanced safety systems for a variety of traffic types and situations.

”Many advanced cameras and sensors are needed and must be tested in repeatable lighting conditions such as back-lighting and shadows.”

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AstaZero’s CEO Peter Janevik commented: ”How do we provide a controlled outdoor environment in an environment largely characterised by rain, snow and darkness during part of the year?

”The answer will be available at AstaZero in February 2021 with the world’s longest and largest indoor track – 700 metres long, 40 metres wide and with a central area of 140×60 metres. Trucks, buses and cars will be accommodated under a roof height of 4.6 meters.’

”Tomorrow’s road-safety system will need enormous testing so work goes on day and night every day and a track which will provide daylight and a dry road even at 3am.”

The investment will be supported by the Västra Götaland region’s Programme for Sustainable Transport with the equivalent of about R18-million.

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