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10 years of Nissan Leaf – but even better is still to come

YOKOHAMA, Japan – Nissan is celebrating 10 years of existence for its Leaf electric car and the delivery in many countries of 500 000 units through that period.

Nissan president and CEO Makoto Uchida told The Corner in a media release: ”In marking these milestones we first want to express our appreciation to everybody who joined us on this journey.

”By switching to electric mobility people around the world have brought us all closer to a more sustainable and resilient society.”

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NISSAN LEAF. Image: Supplied

The zero-emissions propulsion Leaf is assembled in Japan, America and Britain and has been sold in 59 markets around the world. Over the years the cars’ battery capacity, performance, and efficiency have, Nissan says, continued to improve.


”The Leaf has evolved from a city commuter to a versatile car that meets a wide range of customer needs and lifestyles.”

The Leaf has contributed to society by helping to power homes and businesses and providing emergency electricity during natural disasters.

”From the pioneering first version in 2010 to the Leaf e+ introduced in 2019 the 500 000 customers have helped drivers around the world to realise the benefits of electric vehicles in terms of sustainability and in their daily lives.”

Nissan estimates that Leaf owners have driven their cars, in total, about 16-billion kilometres avoided creating more than than 2.5-billion kg of carbon dioxide.


Nissan says it is developing a growing range of advanced electric cars and technology to meet a wide range of needs and to help Leaf owners feel more confident, connected, and excited.

These developments include the July 2020 arrival of the Nissan Ariva all-electric crossover which has the latest in ”intelligent” mobility technology and design.

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”The Ariya is a key model in the Nissan NEXT transformatioon plant under which Nissan plans to sell a million electric vehicles a year by 2023.

Uchida added: “Nissan couldn’t have gone so far without the great contribution over 10 years from our dedicated employees worldwide and from our suppliers and dealers. Together, we’re working to broaden the options for electrified vehicle adoption so that more people can enjoy the benefits of electric driving.”

NISSAN LEAF. Image: Nissan

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