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NRSP backing points system for SA’s roads

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Concern about the intended process has been raised by road safety institutions about the implementation of the new Administratve Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act (AARTO) road laws comes closer with the National Road Safety Project agreeing that, while some issues need to be reassessed, there is no need to completely dismiss the Act.

As a country with a high road-fatality rate it is clear that a new, more effective, approach to curbing bad driving is needed. The National Road Safety project told The Corner in a media release: “We must not forget that AARTO’s goal is to reduce the threat of significant consequences to punish dangerous driving.

”The result should be a general improvement in driving standards and a meaningful reduction in the road-death toll,” the NRSP hoped. “Points systems in Europe have reduced crashes so AARTO needs further discussion to cater for the country’s unique characteristics – but abandoning the legislation is not in SA’s interests.”


Determining why the current system is not working was vital. “AARTO is more likely to work than the current legislation by having penalties that will have a major effect on people’s lives. Loss of a driving licence will be more motivation not to speed than only a financial penalty.

“A points system could allow us to move away from the attitude that sees drivers willing to sacrifice money as punishment.

“We recognise that there are challenges. Some aspects could be flawed but there is potential for change. People in South Africa should see this potential.”

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