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Spare-wheel locks: Get the best before you need them

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Grip-Tech, a manufacturer of mechanical anti-theft devices, has added Isuzu to its catalogue of locks for underslung spare wheels.

The company now covers five vehicle brands in South Africa with Grip-Tech’s Auto-Grip spare-wheel locks: the other four are Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Hyundai. Such locks are also supplied for Toyota and VW.

Some of these brands also approve other anti-theft devices (gear locks and locking wheel nuts) which Grip-Tech designs and produces in its Johannesburg factory.


Manuel Reis, CEO of Grip-Tech and designer of his own products, told The Corner in a media release:  “Approval from Isuzu is a big deal for us – as it is with every other brand. The standards set by any OEM are high and it isn’t just about making a good product from suitable materials – it also embraces consistent quality and being able to meet demands.

”There also must be a commitment to provide product support.”

Auto-Grip locks are produced entirely from high-grade steels and designed so that overpowering them with normal hand tools is unlikely. There are multiple keys, replacements for which are only available from Grip-Tech.

”They’re simple yet robust and have no moving parts, Auto-Grip spare-wheel locks bolt directly to the wheel so cannot be snapped off, will never jam even if buried in mud, and will never damage the rim,” the company said.

”The locks withstand off-road conditions and are approved by the Vehicle Security Association of SA.”


Spare-wheel theft, The Corner was told, has become so common that, often, they are only noted as missing when the spare is needed.

The latest Auto-Grip spare-wheel lock will be offered as an official aftermarket item and will be available from Isuzu dealers across the sub-continent. The same GT1020-IZD spare-wheel lock will fit all current  Isuzu D-Max bakkies and MU-X SUV’s and KB vehicle mades since 2002.

Auto-Grip products can be bought from the Auto-Grip website by clicking here

Prices for KB, D-Max and MU-X is R540.

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