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Spray lube goes uptech with Action Can’s TwinSpray

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Action Can AC-90 TwinSpray, now available in South Africa, is a new product among multi-purpose lubricants that’s now available from parts stores and outher outlets in South Africa.

It’s seen as a product for expert use but has the benefit of a mechanism that prevents ; accidental discharge during transport or use – a media release describes it as ”a Swiss army knife in liquid form”.

Action Can’s TwinSpray was released in 2018 with the best-selling AC-90 Multi-Purpose lubricant. Unlike most workshop lube sprays, it has a fixed-in straw that cannot be lost and makes possible precise application.

SPECIAL SPRAY. Dead accurate and high-tech. Image: Supplied

A non-slip ridged button and straw-stop prevent over-extension.

”The New Action Can AC -90 Multi-Purpose Lubricant,” The Corner was told in a media release, ”takes multi-purpose lubricants to a new level and is the brand’s flagship lubricant as an ‘all-in-one’ product to lube, penetrate, displace moisture, protect against corrosion, and clean.

It can also remove grease, heavy oils, waxes, and grime and there is an NSF H1-registered version for the food and beverage sector

HIGH-TECH IN A CAN. Action Can AC-90 TwinSpray, Image: Supplied

”It will lubricate practically everything,” the media release claimed. ”Fittings, fixtures, locks, tools, sliding metal-to-metal parts, is a winner with corroded thread fasteners, it cleans industrial equipment and tools.”

To view the entire Action Can range go to and click on Action Can or Vermont Sales on 011 314-7711 or visit

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