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Perils of the parking garage – multi-floor or open air

NEW YORK – Car-parks. Rated the busiest places with which drivers must contend: People walking behind your car, trolleys abandoned in the lanes… drivers need an extra set of eyes to avoid all obstacles.

In fact, according to the American Automotive Fleet’s annual accident management survey, 46% of vehicles were damaged when parked.  

The Corner’s favourite contributor, MasterDrive’s MD Eugene Herbert, says as people return from time off and less commuting, a car park can cause sensory overload, but he has tips to avoid bumper bashings.


“It’s important to identify the most common car-park collisions so you can avoid involvement…

“Two (or more) drivers reversing simultaneously, forward or reversing out of a slot, colliding with a passing vehicle, shunting as two drivers go for the same slot, rear-end occurring when one vehicle is stationary at a stop sign or waiting for parking are the most common causes of collisions.”

So, Herbert has a number of tips to safe navigation in the world of slots – outside or five floors up in a multi-story…


• Select parking where you can clearly see any obstacles when leaving.

• If you cannot find one, reverse park so you have the extra visibility when exiting.

• Before pulling out scan for pedestrians who may not be paying attention and be ready to respond to an unexpected pedestrian at a second’s notice.

• Pay extra attention to children – they’re less car-savvy than adults.

• Don’t fail to stop at stop signs/lines or fail to use your indicators; others need to understand your intentions.

• Look out for reckless drivers: those speeding through empty spots, skipping stop signs, or being generally impatient.


• Be selective when choosing a slot. If a neighbouring vehicle has a wheel on or close to a slot demarKing line, choose a different spot.

• Your mirrors in the correct position to broaden your vision when leaving a slot or manoeuvring into a space?

• If you live in an area that experiences strong wind across an open car-park look out for doors blowing open or random trolleys rolling across the car park.

• Avoid shopping during peak times (this has the added benefit of helping you to to socially distance).

And a final word from Herbert: ”Drivers may be lulled into letting their guard down in a car park – damage to your vehicle could result. Keep these tips in mind next time you go shopping.”

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