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Silent and friendly: New security with Tracker’s CareGuard

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Tracker’s unique new service, Tracker CareGuard, is claiming an international first with a rapid mobile emergency response anytime, anywhere, in South Africa.

Here’s how it works…

The service includes partnership with technology platform Aura to give an immediate armed response anywhere in South Africa by the client simply dropping a location pin in WhatsApp.

People in South Africa, Tracker believes, need to be able to request prompt help in the easiest, most familiar, fastest, way possible. Traditionally, security and tracking companies have used separate devices or apps to attend emergency situations but what if the call device is misplaced?

Tracker CareGuard subscribers use technology with which many are familiar and frequently used – WhatsApp – to connect to a nationwide response network of more than 1500 armed responders.

”On receiving a location pin,,” Tracker says, ”the WhatsApp bot automatically sends an emergency request to nearby security responders. The closest will be activated and navigated directly to the scene of the emergency through accurate geo-location.

”The responder will receive an instant profile of the subscriber – identity and other relevant information – through an in-vehicle responder. The subscriber, in turn, will receive information enabling them to track and identify the responder.

Warren Myers, CEO of Aura, told The Corner in a media release: “We at Aura believe safety is a basic human need. We’re driven to increase the accessibility of these critical response services to anybody, anywhere, any time. Our partnership with Tracker will take great strides toward this goal.”

Tracker provides control-room support that oversees all WhatsApp activations so can facilitate additional resources if required – perhaps emergency medical services or police, depending on the emergency received via WhatsApp.

Tracker’s Charlette Roetz explained: ”Tracker, already a leader in recovering stolen vehicles, is diversifying its portfolio to make life safer across South Africa with Tracker CareGuard. We have, throughout lockdown, heard reports of increasing gender-based and domestic violence and our records indicate more hijackings.

”Tracker CareGuard requires no phone call, instead providing subtle, but immediate, assistance.”

People in South Africa can test the service by saving 0861 222 781 as a WhatsApp contact on their mobile device and typing Hi in the chat to initiate a demo.

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