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Outlandish! Mitsubishi punishes new SUV ahead of global debut

TOKYO, Japan – Mitsubishi Motors has released a video of the brand’s all-new Outlander SUV undergoing final tuning and testing and announced that it will have its global debut on  February 16 complete with the new Super All-Wheel Control system.

As the company’s new flagship SUV it is said to provide driver confidence and security in all weather and road conditions.

The Outlander was put through its paces while the system’s final calibrations were developed in severe weather and road conditions. The new SU\V will be bigger and bolder than previous generations.

2021 MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER: Down and dirty trials ahead of the coming launch. Image: Supplied

Nic Campbell, general manager of Mitsubishi Motors SA, told The Corner: ”A knowledge base confirmed through years of competition in the deserts of Dakar and on the slippery dirt-covered and snow-packed roads of the world’s rally circuits, the all-new Outlander builds on a heritage forged by the Pajero cross-country SUV.”

Engineers, the automaker said, focused on building a crossover SUV that embodies Mitsubishi DNA and the product concept “I-Fu-Do-Do” (perhaps not ideal for SA slang!) translates to ”authentic” and ”majestic”. The all-new Outlander also claims to have the highest level of agility and performance.

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Kentaro Honda, lead engineer for the all-new Outlander, told The Corner in a media release: “We took everything we know about on- and off-road driving from rally experiences to apply the latest Super All-Wheel Control technology in our new platform.

“We also specifically developed a new drive-mode selector to provide confident driving at all times and in any weather. We hope many customers will have great experiences with the enhanced driving performance of the all-new Outlander.”

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