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Electric superbikes: Save R50 000! Prices slashed for SA riders

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Electronia has announced enormous price discounts on its new 2021 prices for the Energica Superbike… as much as R50 000.

The cuts by the Italian bikemaker, The Corner was told, are due to a huge increase in sales in Europe through 2020. And they certainly are striking…!

Electronia is the official South African agent for Energica Electric Superbikes and has announced that the factory has reduced its costs on all 2021 models due to the record sales in Europe.

Image: Supplied

Overall sales rocketed during 2020 for Energica Motor with the bikemaker telling TheCorner they sold out of units in the first seven weeks of 2020, the overall sales hitting a record for the year.

Kobus van Rensburg, CEO of Electronia, said: ”Due to this result in the increased sales, they made the decision to reduce the cost on their current models.

“What this means in South Africa is that we have cut the cost on all three models: the EVA ESSE9+ will go from R515 000 to R480 000 (a saving of R35 000), the EVA Ribelle from R560 000 to R520 000 (saving R40 000) and the EGO+ from R600 000 to R550 000 (saving R50 000).

”These prices will all be for the standard specifications without any configuration additions.”

Image: Supplied

“It’s a great start for us in 2021, however it’s not stopping us from also talking to the powers that be to make the call to reduce the tax and duties on these machines.


”We’re committed to all motorcyclists who can afford these machines and will go the extra mile to let them have the experience of the most exciting electric superbikes and have the ride of their lives.

”All one needs to do is give us a call and we will make it all happen, with our exclusive VIP test rides.”

Motorcyclists interested in these new electric superbikes can view the full specification sheets here .

”Electronia decided to assist the lucky few who can afford these unique superbikes,” VanRensburg said, ”with exclusive test rides on both the EGO & EVA – an experience for any petrol head, no matter how passionate or obsessive they are about ICE’s, once they ride on an Energica.”

So, if you’re a rider interested in acquiring one of these groundbreaking machines that are turning the traditional ‘petrol-head’ fraternity on its head, then please book your test ride now.

Image: Supplied

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