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Lock your nuts! Grip-Tech adds coding to halt wheel theft

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Grip-Tech, maker of Auto-Grip range of mechanical anti-theft devices, has added a new deterrent to its arsenal – one priced to keep your expensive alloy wheel rims where they belong.

On your car, truck, or bakkie…

LNX and LBX lockbolts for cars and light commercials, the company says, follow its GTX truck range by combining the toughest metals and an innovative five-pin “key” that has more than 600 combinations, the Corner was told, and they are created using a computer algorithm.

No matching tool, no stolen wheels.

CLOSE-UP ON SECURITY: No special coded wheel wrench, no stolen expensive alloy wheel rims. Image: Supplied

The key/tool is, in effect, a male version of the locknut and will fit closely over it once the five hardened-steel pins are aligned – a process said to be ”straightforward”. It also has the standard vehicle hex profile so can be tightened or loosened in the usual way with a standard wheel wrench.


Grip-Tech says: ”The new Auto-Grip products have been tested extensively and, with competitive prices for a set of four wheel locks and the adapter tool, is a cost-effective solution to an increasingly common problem.

Manuel Reis, MD Grip-Tech and the engineering mind behind the Auto-Grip products, told The Corner: “Recent trends have shown a drop in vehicle crime through the Covid lockdowns but, with the economy and travel of all kinds opening open again, the reprieve will likely prove temporary.

”While you may – or may not – successfully claim the value of your stolen wheels and tyres from your insurer the lost time and productivity will never be recovered.”

THE WHOLE KIT: Image: Supplied

In addition to the primary road wheels, the LBX lock/anti-theft nuts are now the design of choice for the company’s extensive range of spare-wheel locks, approved by most of South Africa’s top bakkie brands. Existing locks will be changed to the LBX key design.

”The theft of a spare wheel is much more than a financial loss,” Grip-Tech says, ”It’s out of sight so the loss is  only discovered when the wheel is needed, potentially turning an inconvenience into a catastrophe.

“We’re a proudly South African brand so often find ourselves competing against imported – sometimes cheaper – products, but we also have advantages such as complete control over our designs and the materials used, plus their provenance can be traced.


”We can supply orders big or small at short notice and bring design changes and new products to market within weeks. Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, GWM, and Mahindra have given our spare-wheel locks the thumbs-up – a huge vote of confidence.”

Auto-Grip products can be purchased via the company’s e-commerce platform: where you can easily search by vehicle make/model to find the correct product.

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