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Cut your insurance payments with driver training

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Reduced insurance premium are appealing at any time, let alone during this Covid pandemic, but MasterDrive suggests one way to save some money. 

Driver training.

Eugene Herbert, director of MasterDrive and a regular Carman’s Corner contributor, recommends every driver to contact their  insurance provider about this: “Not only does driver training drastically reduce your chances of  a crash but many insurers encourage driver training to reduce monthly premiums in return.

”Drivers win with a saving on insurance costs and insurers benefit by avoiding the considerably larger costs that come with a crash.”

EXTRA TUITION: Further instruction on good and safe driving habits might reduce your insurance premiums. Image: Supplied

Premium discounts can take various forms and percentages – it depends on the insurer. Herbert says it’s possible that some insurers offer discounts to certain groups, such as those falling into particular age groups. Whatever, he adds, it is worthwhile to explore what value your insurer places on a driving course.


Some insurers might not reduce premiums in exchange for driver training but there are still benefits for drivers. “Besides the general advantages of driver training,” Herbert says, ”your chance of crashing is drastically reduced, meaning you also get to avoid the cost of a crash or collision.

“Excess can easily equal a good portion of your salary or savings, making even the least crash a costly endeavour – not to mention the costs that come from damage to other cars or property and medical expenses.”

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Business owners might recoup huge savings. Herbert again: “Companies are often offered the same benefits as an individual. If driver training becomes part of company policy the savings extend past a monthly discount but will result in a reduced fleet costs, damage to your public image, and costly downtime.

“Even self-insured companies will find relief. Driver training should be seen as important as vehicle maintenance or insurance itself. Insurance and driver training should be viewed as a whole – one without the other can result in unnecessary expenses.”

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