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Hyundai SA shooting for the futuristic Starias

SEOUL, South Korea – The Staria Premium – a model destined for South Africa – is said to ”take mobility to the next level with upmarket features and variant-exclusive finishes”.

The vehicles will have a number of driver-friendly features and futuristic design elements ”that will deliver new experiences for drivers and passengers to make time in transit more productive and worthwhile”.

SangYup Lee, senior vice-president and head of Hyundai design globally, told The Corner in a media release: ”The Staria is Hyundai’s new MPV line-up that opens up a new mobility era to provide a completely new experience and value proposition through its unprecedented design features.”

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The vehicle is said to offer ”a striking, futuristic, and mysterious exterior resembling a spaceship. The front is highlighted by a horizontal daytime running light across the nose and with the headlights below”.

HYUNDAI STARIA. Image: Supplied

”The spaceship vibe,” Hyundai added, ”is echoed by its expansive windows and lower belt-lines to underscore the openness of the interior. The height of the cabin has been optimised for premium comfort and convenience – ideal for business and family use.”

HYUNDAI STARIA. Image: Supplied

Hyundai will release more details in coming weeks.

HYUNDAI STARIA. Image: Supplied

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