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Go defensive: Training answer for fewer crashes, cheaper insurance

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – A competent defensive driver with few – or even zero – accidents behind their name is the kind of driver that insurance companies should have as clients. Yet such drivers are the exception to the rule.

The good news: there’s potential for insurers to equip their clients with skills to become such a driver.

Additional driver training can help people to become the best driver they can be. The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, explained: “Further training teaches drivers to adapt their driving to suit road conditions, no matter what they may be. It also primes them to respond to dangerous driving.”

There is also a potential to save money.


“Additionally, as 90% of crashes result from human error, training all drivers in defensive driving could result in drastic changes to accidents and consequent road fatality statistics. It can also have a considerable effect in reducing insurance costs associated with crashes for both the insured and insurance provider.”

Insurers which include defensive driving as a perk also provide a numberof benefits to clients.

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“The first benefit is also cost-saving. This is not only due to avoiding costly accidents; it can also be in the form of reduced insurance premiums. Drivers learn to reduce wear-and- tear on vehicles and to drive more economically – important as petrol prices increase.”

MasterDrive has extensive experience in working with insurers to realise such benefits for all involved.

“Their defensive driver instruction uses uses proven training methods based on internationally recognised benchmarks which have succeeded in reducing accident frequency and improving driving standards

“No two organisations are the same; neither are their needs, which MasterDrive understands well. We can also develop customised training programmes to suit each organisation’s requirements. MasterDrive is aware of the difference that can be achieved when insurers and driver instructors work together to improve driving standards.”


As an insurer, investigate the numerous benefits that lie in working with a driver training organisation.

“As the country recovers from the economic difficulties created by Covid-19, there is no better time to find ways for your organisation and your clients to save money.”. 

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