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BMW i4 A look at the future of BMW i4 superelectric

MUNICH, Germany – Delegates to the BMW Group’s 2021 annual conference were treated to a ‘first look’ at the upcoming BMW i4 so disseminated images of the coming models to the public.

Pieter Nota, a member of BMW’s management board, told The . Corner: “With its sporty looks, best-in-class driving dynamics, and zero local emissions, the BMW i4 is a true BMW. It makes the heart of the BMW brand now beat fully electric.”

The i4 is a fully-electric, four-door, Gran Coupé that will enter the market during 2021 and include an M Performance model. ”Its balance of BMW sportiness, comfort, and sustainable performance will be unique in its segment.”


The i4 range will be available in versions covering ranges of up to 590km, have a power output of up to 390kW, and accelerate from rest to 100km/h in about four seconds.

  • Full details on the BMW i4 will be released through coming weeks but here are some images of what can be expected…

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