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Ago X prologue: A new vision for the A-segment

NICE, France – Toyota’s European Design studio on the French Côte d’Azur – cutely called ED² – has for most of the 21st century been committed to the future the European A-segment. Now ED² has been told to bring its European vision of the segment to life.

Such vehicles are commonly called the ”entry point” to owning a car. Now Toyota wants them to have ”stand-out” design.

Ken Billes, ED²’s assistant chief designer, told The Corner in a media message: “The Aygo X prologue demonstrates that a small car can still be big – and bold – in personality.”

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TOYOTA AYGO X. Image: Supplied

The Aygo, since its launch in 2005, has been Toyota’s most accessible (read cheapest) car with what the automaker describes as having ”youthful progressive customers thanks to its sense of fun”. Indeed Lance Scott, ED² design director, said: “Fun and playfulness have always been at the heart of Aygo. Now we’ve added a pinch of hot spice.”


Toyota says the Aygo’s lively character and engaging driving dynamics (Toyota’s description) have attracted many new European customers: ”The unique DNA and stand-out positioning of the Aygo keep it ahead of the competition. New Toyota customers are demanding flair, distinctiveness, and the chance to make a personal statement.”

So, ED² set out to design a car for them… and the Aygo X prologue was born with ”added edginess to express its attitude and an even stronger stance”. The wheels are larger, the driver has a higher seat for a better view of the road, and the chassis can handle rougher roads.

AGO X PROLOGUE: A new vision for the A-segment

A wedged roofline is said to create ”a more aggressive, sporty, image” – like our roads need more aggression!) and the headlights are in line with the bonnet over a large grille, foul-weather lights, and an underbody skidplate.

A second (rear) skidplate can carry a bicycle mount and the external driving mirror has an action-camera and there’s a permanent roof rack.

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Toyota has also invented a new term for a two-tone paint job. Bi-tone.

Ian Cartabiano, president of ED² weighs in: ”Everybody deserves a cool car. When I look at the Aygo X prologue, I’m really proud to say the ED² Team has created exactly that. I’m excited to see it revolutionizing the segment.”

Aygo X prologue is a bold illustration of just how much attitude a small car can have. With this prologue, Toyota reimagines how the A-segment could be spiced up.

  • The Aygo X prologue is a concept vehicle – no detailed model information is yet available.
TOYOTA AYGO X. Image: Supplied

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