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Get your Aarto into gear! The highway tsunami is on the way

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Concern has been voiced that the implementation of the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) was not to improve road safety.


Despite protests from many – in most instances well-meaning – organisations it seems AARTO will be implemented on July 1 2021

The Road Safety Partnership (RSP) has endorsed the intent of AARTO to improve driving behaviour to improve road safety but say AARTO has the potential to benefit road safety but adds: ”Considerable preparation is needed from all drivers. The RSP urges them to prepare as soon as possible by familiarising themselves with the Act, identifying bad behaviour of which they are guilty, and determining their company’s AARTO policy.”


The Act is more than likely to be implemented, but adds: “Drivers who are prepared, who take action now to change their bad driving, will find AARTO will no problem. Habitual non-compliance will have consequences.”

The RSP urges all drivers to prepare for AARTO. “Whether the Act is implemented as is or addresses recent concerns, if all drivers prepare for it, it would have a considerable impact on not only each person but the general state of road safety in South Africa as well.”

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