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Goodyear working on smart brakes to save lives

AKRON, Ohio – Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company and Dutch research organisation TNO are collaborating on a demonstration vehicle that will test the implications of connected tyres talking to the vehicle’s control system specifically the anti-lock brake system.

Goodyear says braking performance can be optimised for the situation and tyre state while helping the driver to steer. Previous studies by Goodyear indicated integrating the two systems can reduce a vehicle’s emergency stopping distance loss by about 30%.

The study, The Corner was told in a media release, will look for more meaningful integration to optimise braking distance, given operating and road-surface conditions. Both companies are said to be focussing on maximum safety and sustainability implications with data available by 2022.

TALKING BRAKES: Goodyear Tyres and brake manufacturers are working on integrated systems to allow vehicles to talk to other and to read road information signs. Image: Supplie

Chris Queen, a senior Goodyear director for innovation technology told The Corner in a media release: ”There’s a tremendous opportunity for tyres to convey information. TNO is excited to advance this demonstration to further improve vehicle performance”

Ellen Lastdrager, managing director of the TNO Traffic and Transport Department, added: “We feel strongly that we can help to avoid accidents and so save lives as we better integrate tyres and braking systems.


TNO has focused on improving the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of traffic and transport – this collaboration aims to save every possible centimetre of braking distance.”

Tyres, the investigation points out, are the only part of a vehicle that touches the road, and that critical position allows tyres to feed information to a vehicle’s computer system. Goodyear’s intelligent tyres aim to transform the way we drive as mobility evolves and vehicles and cities become smarter.”

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