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Tata, Daewoo, launch online parts supply programme

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Tata International has created a South African automotive aftermarket industry with the launch of an user-friendly e-commerce parts website and portal so customers anywhere in the country can order Tata and Daewoo heavy commercial vehicle parts with doorstep delivery.

Even in the most remote parts of the country.

The launch of the e-commerce website, Tata told The Corner in a media release, gives Tata an edge to reach more customers, more efficiently. ”As technology develops and changes,” the company says, ”it’s extremely important for a business to stay abreast of trends and to add value for customers.”

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FAST AND EASY: And sourcing parts for the trucks is also quick. Image: Supplied

Len Brand, CEO of Tata International Africa, said: “We’re continuously looking for opportunities to improve interaction with out customers. Helping to keep their vehicles on the road is extremely important to us.

”We’re proud to be the first automotive brand in Africa to have an online parts store for heavy commercials with doorstep delivery.”


Existing and future Tata and Daewoo commercial vehicles owners, the company says, will be able to search the online product catalogues and place their purchase through a safe, seamless, real-time, web-based experience.

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The online catalogue is set up to provide parts for five different Tata trucks and two Daewoo commercial vehicles, the company says, and ”there’s also an option to enquire about parts not listed or currently in stock”.

The website, Tata says, will service customers anywhere in South Africa – big cities and remote towns – so improve customers’ experience – and not only account holders.

DAEWOO TRUCKS also included in the listings for fast parts delivery. Image: Supplied

”Customers will now be able to place an order without having to visit a dealer or a distribution centre. A secure paygate is included for easy and safe online payment by debit or credit card.”

There’s also a careline to resolve queries and an inquiry form to interact with a sales person to locate a specific unlisted item.

And a final comment from Brand: ””The launch of our e-commerce site is integral to keep our UPTIME promise to customers. They can keep their trucks on the road by improving parts accessibility and delivery.”

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