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What a Roush! Hottest ‘Stang yet galloping to Pretoria

PRETORIA, South Africa – The 2021 Roush Mustang commemorates the 25th anniversary of Roush Performance Products, one of America’s greatest conversion specialists, started by Jack Roush.

He was, back in 1964, an engine development engineer with Ford in the US but moved on to start Performance Engineering in 1976 with a passion for motorsport – particularly drag and oval-track racing for which he designed engine components to superior standards.

Time-machine forward to 2021 and all that history has been poured into the latest Roush Mustang for a growing number of enthusiasts around the world.

Image: Supplied

Upgrades to enhance the cars’ character have boosted the V8 engine to 560kW and the results will soon be on show at Performance Centre in Pretoria.

Andrew Mtsweni, Performance Centre’s marketing manager, told The Corner in a media release: “The 2021 Roush Mustang exceeds every expectation of a high-performance muscle-car with its motorsport heritage and here’s how it’s done…”


Each Roush Stage 3 is based on a Mustang GT equipped with a Generation 3 Coyote V8 engine and a power upgrade with a Roush TVS2650 supercharger to 560kW/910Nm.

”A number of other Roush components such as two auxiliary coolers mounted under the car behind the driver and passenger,” Mtsweni explains, ”along with a differential cooler and auto-transmission cooler keep under-body temperatures stable.”


An alternative is to develop 578kW with the most-powerful Stage 3 Roush Mustang alongside its predecessor, the Jack Roush Edition launched in 2020. Necessary upgrades to match include a new air-filter, upgraded supercharger belt, additional tuning of the direct injection, and calibration of the engine’s ECU to support the greater performance.

Grip and appearance have been upgraded with ultra-performance Continental ExtremeContact Sport Tyres on 20×9.5” black or grey forged wheel rims supported by magnetorheological, Roush-calibrated, MagneRide suspension which uses magnetically controlled dampers ”for highly adaptive ride comfort and unparalleled performance on road or track”.

THE SHAPE might have changed by it’s still 100% Ford Mustang. Image: Supplied

The system was originally made by Delphi Corporation for Cadillac’s 2002 Seville.

The new Mustang will come with a model-specific R9 aero kit: heat extracting bonnet vents, fender vents, high-flow upper and lower grilles, rear aerofoils and a blacked-out rear boot lid over quad, black-tip, performance exhausts.

For South Africa, Performance Centre is offering Roush-inspired cabin updates – among them: custom instrument-cluster overlays, illuminated door sills, and a Roush toolkit along with leather upholstery with Roush logos, Roush-embossed mats, and Roush key fobs.

Image: Supplied

”Every new Roush Mustang,” Mtsweni adds, ”carries a certificate of authenticity with a serial plaque on the fascia.”

Atloli Lesela, a Ford SA brand manager, told The Corner: “The Mustang story, now in its 57th year, would be incomplete without the work and influence of Jack Roush. We’re immensely proud that Performance Centre has brought the 2021 Roush Mustang additions to our customers.

”The upgrades highlight everything for which the Mustang brand is renowned – more power and muscular looks for an already outstanding vehicle.”

Prices when first units reach SA in second-quarter 2021.

Image: Supplied

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