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Startling update from Citroën for cute C3

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – All the bells and whistles, no compromise on comfort, and still the best way for you to get noticed. That, says Citroën, describes the facelifted C3 hatchback.

It includes better noise-cancelling and redesigned seating along with ”driver tiredness” surveillance – and even if the alert is not, er alerted, a warning will sound after two hours of driving.

Other crash avoidance/mitigation features include anti-lock brakes with electronic assistance and other ”cutting-edge” tools – one of them the car’s ability to read speed-limit signs – and cruise control.


There’s little chance that the C3 won’t attract attention given its headlights and grille – just look at the image above – and the car has a 60kW 1.2-litre ‘Puretech’ engine. A a leather-clad steering-wheel is standard.

The C3 Shine model is a step up from the basic Feel model with 81kW delivered through a six-speed autobox, 16” alloy wheel-rims, self-activating screen wipers, parking radar and two-tone colour options.

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A 19cm touchscreen is there to control Android Auto/Apple Carplay; the rearview mirror is self-dimming and six crash-mitigation bags are standard.

Citroën says the C3’s comfort became available in South Africa in March 2021 though the Shine will come a month later.


Citroën C3 1.2 Pure Tech Feel – R269 900

C3 1.2 Pure Tech Shine – R324 900

Each will be delivered with a five-year or 100 000km warranty* and a three-year or 60 000km* service plan.

*Whichever comes first. Citroën

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