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Hyundai goes online for easy buys in SA

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Hyundai has entered the realm of complete online shopping with ‘Click to Buy’ –  explained as selecting and buying your car from the comfort of your couch.

Then delivered to your driveway.


Linking to Hyundai’s website through a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone allows you to explore the Hyundai model range, choose a model and derivative in a favourite colour, get a 360-degree view of the car, outside and inside – and compare it with other models in the range.

Throughout, the potential customer can communicate with an Hyundai through WhatsApp or live chat. Potential buyers will also be alerted to special offers and maintenance and service plans.

All vehicle details will be delivered at click of a virtual button – from convenience features thrugh engine specs, performance data, and safety features.

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A finance application can also be done online and if the customer is interrupted or has to attend to something else all the information will be to continue later.

Oscar Makola, Hyundai SA’s marketing director, told The Corner in a media release: “Hyundai SA is proud of its several industry-leading offering, such as a seven-year or 200 000km* warranty. And there’s Click to Buy.


“We will still have the personal touch when needed, for instance, your car is serviced or needs attention through any of our nationwide network. However, we believe the ease and convenience of this new, fully online, buying process will attract many customers.”

According to Makola, another attraction of Click to Buy is the response and that customers can choose their method of communication, the ability to pause a buying session, and allowing customers to determine the speed of the transaction.

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