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Easter road road toll: More policing, fewer deaths

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – There was a 2.1% drop in the total number of crashes and 9.6% decline in fatalities in South Africa over the Easter holiday.

This was comparing with 2019 statistics due to the reduced travel during Easter 2020 as a result of level five lockdown.

The authorities, The Corner was told, ran an intensified law enforcement campaign over Easter 2021 which is believed to have contributed to the fewer deaths and injuries. The authorities reported: “There were 336 roadblocks over the weekend which examined more than 178 000 vehicles, issued more than 32 000 traffic fines and impounded more than 780 vehicles.


The RSP reported: “It is concerning that so many people were arrested for drinking and driving. About 440 drivers were arrested for driving while intoxicated; another 140 were arrested for speeding and reckless driving.

“A ‘no tolerance’ attitude to dangerous driving will have a huge effect in reducing South Africa’s road deaths. We encourage law enforcement to continue with this attitude before the next long weekend.”

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