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New Jaguar engine: V8 for Jaguar F-Type in SA

PRETORIA, South Africa – Jaguar SA has added a second supercharged 331kW V8 option to its F-Type sport car range as a coupé or convertible.

The engine was developed to deliver 580Nm from 2500rpm with either all-wheel driver – siad to be ”for purists” – rear-wheel drive.

Each, however, has an electronic rear differential to optimise traction and to help the cars to 100km/h in 4.6sec and on to 285km/h. Each F-Type has an eight-speed transmission with full manual option through either the Sport Shift gear selector or the gearshift paddles.

COMING SOON TO SA: The latest high-performance Jaguars. Image: Supplied

A special P450 R-Dynamic Black model, available from launch, is said to ”further heightens the purity and presence that set Jaguar’s definitive sport car apart”. These exclusive additions, developed from the 331kW V8 R-Dynamic Coupé and Convertible, bring enhanced specification and an even more luxurious cabin.


The Black Pack also adds 20”, five-split gloss black spoked wheel rims not available on any other model. Three metallic paints – black, white, or red – will be available.

The Blacks also bring 12-way adjustment for the leather-covered seats in black or cream or – for a more sporting theme – black with red stitching. ”Details such as the beautifully crafted monogram stitch pattern, repeated in the door trim,” Jaguar says, ”are among the subtle refinements which make the F-Type feel special.”

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The same monogram design is used to emboss the wrap for the 30cm reconfigurable information display and other refinements include satin-finish aluminium gearshift paddles, black headlining, and illuminated treadplates.

COMING SOON TO SA: The latest high-performance Jaguars. Image Supplied

And then there’s the F-Type R P575 – all-wheel drive with a supercharged V8 capable of 423kW/700Nm for a 3.7sec sprint to 100km/h takes 3.7sec and an electronically-limited 300km/h.

The F-Type R and P450 use a configurable dynamics system that uses electronic continuously-variable shock-absorbers – which translates to adjustment for suspension resistance, steering weight, throttle response, and gearshifts.

Buyers of a V8 F-Type also get bypass valves in the rear silencer that remain closed until under load.

COMING SOON TO SA: The latest high-performance Jaguars. Image: Supplied

…AND SO TO THE PRICES: The latest F-Types are scheduled for launch in South Africa in the second half of 2021. Here’s the list…

F-Type R-Dynamic P450 Coupé and Convertible – 331kW 5.0-litre V8; Quickshift; RWD

F-Type R-Dynamic Black P450 Coupé and Convertible – 331kW 5.0-litre V8; Quickshift; AWD

F-Type R P575 Coupé and Convertible – 423kW 5.0-litre V8; Quickshift AWD

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