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Tipping point: Europe’s drivers turned on by electric

PARIS, France – 70% of drivers in Europe, asked if they would consider an electric vehicle as their next car, replied ”Yes!” and quoted their prime reasons as environmental benefits and having a zero-emissions vehicle (49%).

”The Europe-wide survey,” Nissan told The Corner in a media release: ”was our most comprehensive investigation into the driving habits and charging experiences of EV drivers.”

And the survey, Nissan said, dispelled many of the myths so far deterring people. The automaker gave some of its reasons…


Nissan surveyed 7000 drivers across Europe, the number split between battery and combustion vehicles, as what Nissan described as ”our most comprehensive investigation yet into the driving habits of EV owners”.

Initial findings released during April 2021 showed EV driver satisfaction was promisingly high: 89% of EV drivers said their choice was correct. 74% felt more relaxed and 77% found it smoother to drive than a petrol or diesel vehicle.

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About 97% of EV drivers found their transition “as expected” or “easier” – seen as a promising prospect for those willing to embark on their electric journey.

Most (70%) reported that the range of their EV was better than expected before buying – a proportion said to counteract the 58% of owners not considering an EV.


Arnaud Charpentier, vice-president for product strategy and pricing, told The Corner: “This new research shows first-hand that European drivers are embracing electrification – from low running-costs to surprising performance.

”Electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf have transformed for the better the everyday driving experience.”

Despite contrasting views across electric and combustion the importance of sustainability remains clear – nearly 85% of all drivers surveyed placed value on being ”environmentally friendly”.

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