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Dream trip! Wouldn’t we all like a drive such as this…

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -Three Toyota Land Cruiser 70-Series are about to launch on Voetspore’s 15th expedition in 21 years – this time to the source of the Zambezi River.

The convoy will cross Botswana to the border crossing at Kasane then continue to Livingstone in Zambia the rough stuff starts with the ride to the country’s north-eastern corner.

To reach the river’s source the driving will pass through Zambia, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe through the Liuwa Plain national park (Zambia), past the Barotse flood plains (Zambia), Victoria Falls (Zambia and Zimbabwe), Kariba, Mana Pools (Zimbabwe), Cahora Bassa (Mozambique) and Marromeu (Mozambique).


They hope to complete the 12 000km journey in three months.

The Voetspore crews will include team leader (producer and director) Johan Badenhorst, Francois Marais (technician), Streicher Badenhorst (action camera operator), Norbert Coetzee (logistics), Stefan Sonnekus (cameraman) and Nina Badenhorst (logistics).

The team’s chosen vehicles are three Toyota Land Cruiser 79 (4X4) bakkies – two double-cabs and a single-cab.

Toyota has, over the years, dubbed it Land Cruiser the Master of Africa for its off-road prowess and ability to crosss almost any terrain and adds: “We are proud be the official vehicle partner of Voetspore on this their 15th expedition.

Toyota will be updating Carman’s Corner at frequent intervals – stay in touch!

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