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Caution! Children! – Get your brain into gear

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Schooling has resumed in many places across SouthAfrica so the Road Safety Partnership South Africa has asked The Corner to ask drivers to expect more challenges on the road.

More children will be crossing roads and the Partnership asks that road commuters be prepared for extra challenges.


The RSP says the first challenge is heavier traffic. “Many drivers have become accustomed to uncrowded roads, fewer obstacles. That has now changed with a greater volume of vehicles: school transport, and employees returning to work under Level 3, particularly close to schools.

WATCH FOR THE SIGNS – and possibly new
speed limits. Image: Supplied

“Drivers might still be recalling their driving ‘muscle memory’. Their reflexes will be slower…”

Some roads close to school might have the general city speed limited reduced to 30km/h so keep young road-users in mind.

“About 1000 children, walking or in a vehicle, are killed each year on South Africa’s roads and 45 000 injured so be careful when driving in the suburbs.”

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